Color For Calm Bundle

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Want an easy way to relax and practice mindfulness?

With modern technology we seem to be on call 24/7, we rush from one task to another and it can be hard to switch off

Does this sound like your life?

We all know ( and are constantly been told by specialists ) that we need to find ways to de-stress and relax for our well-being.

But how do we do it?

Want to know an easy and fun way? Coloring!

Did you know?

  • When you color you allow the amygdala ( that part of your brain which controls your emotions and survival instincts)  to relax. Just like when you meditate!
  • When you sit and start thinking about what colors you want to use, and staying in the lines of those intricate designs you are using both sides of your brain. This is great for both adults and children to develop all-important motor skills. 
  • All the skills that you use while you are coloring mean you are concentrating on the task! This allows you to really live in the moment and be more mindful.
  • Using tools like coloring to relax can stimulate the release of melatonin. This helps you sleep better…and may even have anti-aging properties

What are you waiting for? 

The Coloring For Calm Bundle is the perfect tool you can do anywhere, anytime for mindfulness, relaxation, and focus.

Here's what you get:

  • 70 COLORING PAGES - 70 different printable coloring sheets with a HUGE variety of themes to suit every occasion and mood. Seasons, animals, geometric patterns, and much more.
  • MANDALA COLORING PAGES - 25 unique and intricate Mandala designs.
  • QUOTE COLORING PAGES - 22 detailed quotes, sayings, and proverbs coloring sheets.
  • DIGITAL COLORING WORKSHOP - 8 video tutorials to get you started with digital coloring.
  • COLORING FOR MINDFULNESS - Learn how to create a coloring practice for mindfulness with easy tips and action steps. 
  • DAILY COLORING HABIT -  A fun and easy 20-Day Coloring Challenge to help you begin your coloring habit. 
  • COLOR WHEEL PRO  - Learn how to use a color wheel to create color combos to crush on. With easy explanations, learn the different types of color combinations and lots of examples. 
  • COLOR PALETTE HACK - The easiest way to pick a color pallet that anyone can do.
  • MY COLORS - Tracker for all your favorite color combinations so you can easily reuse them again and again. 


  • Life-Long Access. All files and video tutorials are available in our online course that you can access for as long and as often as you need. 
  • No waiting for shipping with instant download in high-resolution (300 dpi) PDF and JPEG formats, compressed into ZIP folders available in the online course.
  • Unlimited personal license. This means you can print as many times as you want for hours of fun, entertainment, and relaxation. 


•No physical items will be sent. Upon purchase you will receive a link to your order via email, then you can access our online course and download your files and access the video tutorials

• You are unable to edit the designs on these digital files. 

• All items from the Color For Calm Bundle is for personal use only. They can not be resold or used for commercial use under any circumstances.

No refunds or exchanges are accepted for digital products. Please feel free to ask us questions BEFORE you purchase and download.